Almost all developers, Pyrocat included, can be used with a wide variety of dilutions. My earliest recommendations were dilutions of 1:1:100 for silver papers and 2:2:100 for alternative processes, with either development in tray or tank with normal agitation, or development in Jobo or BTZS tubes with constant agitation. Development times given were based on rotary, so if developing in tanks and trays development should be increased by about 15-20%.

Pyrocat also works well with stand and semi- stand development using very dilute solutions, say 1:1:200 - 400. As a result of a long exchange on the AZO forum, 1:1:150 was recommended for stand and semi-stand development. This requires much longer development time than either rotary or tray processing, both because of the weaker dilution and because of the reduced agitation.

For most of my own work with both sheet film and roll film I personally use a type of development that I have called Extreme Minimal, that is, agitation for 1.5 minutes at the beginning, and then for ten seconds at the 1/4, 1/2 and 3/4 points of total development time. The dilution that I use is 1.5:1:200.
The slight increase in the amount of A solution compared to 1:1:150 is meant to reduce B+F stain slightly with the very long development times I need for my alternative process negatives.

Sandy Kiing