I too like 130 but my Glycin is old and brown and can't afford any new. It still works but I try to save it for special times. So I also was looking around. I was reading a post on Salvich Bromide. While reading the artical I saw he ( Liam Lawless) had a warmtone dev. I tryed it, and with some tweeking and playing I came very close to the 130 look. I upped the bromide slightly and I did not put the carbonate in until I mix the working. At a dilution of 1:12 I get a nice warm but not brown print. I dev. this for 3 min. My paper is Arista II. I have not tryed it on other papers yet. I will try it with Varycon. Here is the url http://www.ex-obscurum.com/slavich.htm. The dev. formula is about a third the way done.