I've recently been shooting more roll film, and have been using pyrocat with intermitant agitation (10 inversions every minute), butwas experimenting today with semi-stand aggitation. The test roll I tried yesterday looks pretty good, maybe a little flat, but pretty good for a gues at the time, with one exception, I'm getting underdeveloped (almost undeveloped) patches near one side of the roll. I'm not sure if it's the top or the bottom, I didn't notice them until they were hanging, so I could tell which way the film was in the tank, but the problem only occurs on one side. I had an empty reel on the top, and the one with film on the bottom. Agitation was continuous for the first 60 seconds, and 10 inversions every 3'rd minute. I was using a jobo 1500 series tank (the one that takes two 120 sized rells, don't recall the number), with jobo plastic reels. I wonder if the reels had anything to do with it, as they don't leave a lot of room between the film, but I've never had any problems with them in the processor, or with my ussual inversion routine. I ussually use stainless reels when hand processing (the jobo tank is ussually only used on the processor), but both my SS reels managed to grow legs the last time I used them in the lab at school :-/ I've attached a scan of the negs below, as I'm sure it's a better explanation than I can describe. Any ideas on just what's going wrong, or how to avoid this are greatly appreciated.