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There is also Kodak's DK-93. From Anchell's Darkroom Cookbook:

p-aminiphenol HCl 5 grams
Sod. Sulfite 30g
HQ 2.5g
Sod. Metaborate 20g
Pot. Bro. .5g

For warm tones on paper, use w/o dilution dev for 2 min. For colder tones, 2x the Sod. Metabortate and dev for 1-2 min.

You can also use this dev for film.

I included this dev as it may use more readily available chems.
I've mixed this one too (from Kodak's published recipe that I posted on Apug a while back - now it's gone). I found it an interesting and useful developer.

The Hydroquinone and Phenidone in ID-78 are readily available - as are the Potassium Bromide, Sodium Sulfite and Sodium Carbonate.