Ron Wisner is still in business. His workshop in Marion MA is up and running. I visited there 2 mos ago and all the equipment up is ready to go. Essentially the company consists of Marie (his head woodworker for 15 years) and him. Cameras can take longer or shorter to make, you can never tell. But patience is definately a virtue here. The cameras that have been coming out recently have been a cut above those in the past. He has and wants less orders (doesnt want the pressure anymore), and takes his time with the cameras now so the fit and finish is much better. If you need a small order like a lensboard or similar, if it is not in stock be prepared to wait. I'm taking orders for him at this point in time and am his only dealer for new equipment right now. I have some lensboards and Wisner adapter boards in stock at good prices. Emile/