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The truth be told no one knows.

If you need parts or service I have been repairing his cameras for the past 10 years.

Richard Ritter
For the last ten years Richard has been fixing what should have been caught and corrected by any semblance of quality control from the Wisner factory. Fact is that people that drop significant dollars on a ULF camera are not to keen on waiting for protracted periods for simple repair jobs because they (like me) want to make photographs. If it were not for Richard I would have been screwed, blued and tattooed with my Wisner experiences.

No offense Emil but the average LF/ULF photographer has about as much patience as a bear that just came out of hibernation. Qualify all you want but when I hear that there is Ron and a single employee in the camera making business, I question just how much work is really capable of being done? That may very be the reason that the phone is not being answered. Obviously it is rather difficult to use a band saw and take a camera order at the same time.

Thankfully that there are several new camera makers that have come into this market and are meeting this demand for quality Lf and ULF cameras very effectively.

That said, the future is still very bright and vibrant.