Hi BWgirl:

It is possible to use Rodinal with this film. Any B&W film can pretty much be used with any developer. The bigger question is, at what dilution and what developing time? There's no easy answer without doing the test yourself. I don't really trust the massive development chart because I can very well jump on that site and put on whatever I think is right and that may or may not be even close to the right answer for you. Starting point or not, in the end, will you be doing the actual testing to see how far off you were to the recommended times or will you settle for whatever works? A one-time investment in a densitometer will solve all the problems.

I've done extensive testing with Rodinal and have found that for better tonal separation, use it at 1:50 dilution. At 1:25 there is not enough conpensating development and the highights form up much faster than the shadows. Other than that, you'll probably have to do density testing to get everything lined up.

Copy & Paste to a new browser: http://djklmnop.tripod.com/temp/negativeZ004.jpg (Rodinal 1:50 - Arista EDU 100) -