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Aww...c'mon tim. Be a guy!

How can you deny cate?

When you started this Round 5 - you told us you had a couple (or was it three) of these SureShots laying around.

Why not start Round 6 with the New Year?

Next time, though, no recipes!

EDIT: And heck, how about some color film? Maybe some Portra 160?
Sure George. Perhaps my rb67 with a 645 back so 15 of us can play. What lens would you like on it? 50,65,90,127,150 SF, or 180? I think I have a roll of 120 Velvia 50 around in the fridge. Shipping is gonna be a bear though.

The other sureshots are dedicated to my KAP project. Now perhaps I should send around the camera with a kite?

The possibilities are endless.

tim in san jose