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Sure George. Perhaps my rb67 with a 645 back so 15 of us can play. What lens would you like on it? 50,65,90,127,150 SF, or 180? I think I have a roll of 120 Velvia 50 around in the fridge. Shipping is gonna be a bear though.

The other sureshots are dedicated to my KAP project. Now perhaps I should send around the camera with a kite?

The possibilities are endless.

tim in san jose
Well, if that is the inventory - let's go with the RB67 w/645 back and then I'd suggest just the 90. No need to confuse folk with a "non-normal" lens!

With that combo, if you can get it going around the 1st of '08,, figuring still short days up here in the Podes - load it with the Velvia 50 but start it down in the Antipodes (i.e. assuming we can get Thansis to be more responsive) or you might also try to recruit Tony Lockerbie down there ?

Oh, and let's not forget our Dear Leader - Sean - as a possible antipodal shooter starter!

But check first. You know those Kiwi's start shearing sheep about the time the camera kit would get there. And we wouldn't want to mess up things and have Sean sitting there with unintended gelded rams because he got all excited with the camera!

Anyway, sign me up. I've always wanted to shoot a RB67!

You, yes you, tim, you 'da man!