Thanks for all the suggestions, an OS map of the area is now at the top of my shopping list, with film a close second. Whether or not I'll actaully manage to even get to any of these places let alone photograph them is another issue altogether. Hence the question really, rather than trapse around looking, have a target to go for.

To be fair to Les (wifey), she will visit these places with me, but invariably gets in the way. She gets bored and then it's difficult for me to concentrate and look for photo's as she chatters away. We don't really have a great deal of time there, travelling up on Monday, back on Friday with at least one day dedicated to scaring ourselves silly at Alton Towers. We both like riding coasters, being the big kids that we are.

My plan is to get up early and go shooting, with maybe an opportunity later in the day around teatime. Hence the need for something to aim for. The problem with this scenario is beer, there are some fine breweries in this part of the country and I shall have to sample their wares, to get the full flavour of the area, purely educational of course. Doesn't bode well for early mornings though LOL.

All things being equal I will post some results once I have them.