Hi again,
thank you for the replies and links, lovely crisp pictures Doug.

We took it out to play at the weekend but the light conditions were really too low. To compensate I took double and some triple exposures on the low speed (1/50th) setting with Delta 400 & HP5, problem with this was there was some camera shake evident so multiple exposures are not ideal. We shot the first 3 exposures on the first film with the camera taped up with electrical tape to prevent light leaks, then peeled it all off for the final exposure, just to find out if there was any light getting in anywhere. We were very pleasantly surprised to find there were none at all and shot another couple of films without any tape.

Using Ilford films we worked the spacings out to be the first star/flower markings on the backing paper after Nos 2,6,10 & 14 showing through the film counter window. Giving 4 exposures per film.

Hope to get some pics up here in the next couple of days.

We're looking forward to taking it out in decent light...if we ever get any this winter!