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With all the scintillating conversation and chicken recipes, let's not lose count of where we are. It looks like we are up to shot #6 next (Sile is next). Am I correct?

What are we including in the packaging so we know who to send it on to next? Is the whole list included?

Also, I used to be called "hkr" on this site, and that is what I am listed as on the list (#16, I think). My address has not changed, so it should be okay. Figure about another 3 months before I get it?
Change your name? ! You lose your place in line. No camera for you!

I am just kidding. The list is included in the package, if it somehow gets lost, I will send the person a replacement list to include. All members of the list are listed by real names and addresses on the shipping list. Thanks for the update on name change, it will help in the identification part of the project (tentatively November of 2008).

As far as when? They are still looking for camera 1.

It will take a little longer to get through Europe, then on to Canada and wind up here in the US of A. Hard to say, not knowing.

Turn the camera off!

tim in san jose