That is my question too, I allways think people can do things in shorter time than me for same job

So, I deal that next way: Processing films, making contact sheet and deciding what to print based on contact sheets takes needed time, that is those times I can't make shorter. It is what it is. Making final print also, I use time I need, not trying to hurry. As I can see there are two ways to save time. One is, when make proof prints, test prints, using something like RHdesigns Analyser or Jobo ComTime or like can save time in that area. If those gadgets are properly calibrated they can save time.

Next, expose several prints let say 5 (or whatever, depend of sizes of prints and your paper trays) and process them at same time. Thing is, if you need 2 minuter developer, 30 seconds stop and 2 minutes fixer, that calculate for 2 prints in line 9 minutes (4,5 for first print ad 4,5 for second) and if you process them at same time it is 4,5 minutes for both prints. Of course then you have other problems like manipulating prints in trays to be properly processed, but there is no thing like free lunch . Saying that I DON'T use this method

And third thing, experience and having established workflow and routine helps in saving time...

I would like to know other (and proper ) ways for saving time, but at the end, if you want job well done, it require needed time, so just get used to it