Harris, has hit the nail on the head, it takes time, get used to it!

This evening I went into the darkroom at 2030 hrs, I stepped out of the darkroom around 2300 hrs with the fruits of my labour, in my hot sweaty hands (summertime here at the moment).

I produced three prints from 35mm and one print from a 4x5 neg. I'm extremely pleased with my output, this is a normal output for me.

Quite sometime ago I had a bit of a think regarding the time allotments for my chosen hobby and how to allocate it some more time to allow me not to have a backlog of negs awaiting printing.

Two things were the outcome. I decided to be reasonable in my film exposing, which meant I don't shoot as much, or as often. The second was to stop watching television, more or less.

Basically, I now watch about 1 hour of television every three or four weeks. This has been the single most important change that allows me to practice my hobby most evenings.