I too was thinking of purchasing a Wisner camera, but necessarily on the "used - but excellent, and like new". market After some inquiries, I noted a repititious response: Wisner cameras were, for a while, well made and reliable. However, after a time the quality control became very poor, and new cameras with assorted defects arrived at vendors and end users. Repairs became difficult to obtain, and the promises noted previously were never kept. Not knowing whether or not the factory had a "bad day" when a given camera was built, I decided not to take a chance on a used Wisner camera-despite the wonderful reputation of Mr. Ritter. There are other cameras on the market, made of both wood and hybrid materials. Thus, there appeared to be no need to "take a chance" on a camera that might have been, originally, "a lemon". One wonders if the "new Wisner factory" is making cameras any better. If Ron Wisner is serious about getting back into business it is possible that he might have to sell some cameras "on approval" before he will be trusted again. Just my two cents.