The local camera shop had a box of 4x6 MGIV RC paper on sale. 250 sheets for just a few dollars. I thought it would be a great paper to experiment with different dilutions, two-bath development, and paper flashing.

When I plot the curves before and after flashing I get what I expected to see. However, my experiments with dilutions and two-bath development have been quite odd.

With Dektol I have tried 1:1, 1:2, 1:3 and 1:5 dilutions. All yield the same results. With two-bath development I get the same results. I tried various combinations of Dektol dilutions and selectol soft. I get the same results regardless of time in each bath.

Is this the result of a developer incorporated paper?

In the past I have thought that I saw results from using two bath development. I always did it by sight and thought that I saw differences in the results. I can't have been imagining it can I? Past papers certainly included Ilford MGIV fiber, MG WT fiber, Forte polywarmtone, and Kodak fine art.