I'm really sorry to hear there is so much dissapointment in Wisners service years after he has for all practicality...dissapeared. This is why it is so good to have guys like Richard Ritter available and willing to fix the problems that Ron will not address. Ron is responsible for most if not all his service problems as head of the company and can either take resposibility for this or not. I myself at times have been frustrated w/Ron but he always came thru in the end for me without fail. He would straighten out any and all of the issues I had, no matter how small but... I live near the factory and can just drive over for a fix if necessary. If I lived further away the situation might have been different. Basically as I read it Ron loves cameras and loves making them. Eventually his business got too big to manage effectively and he overloaded on it and made the decision to downsize extensively to the point of invisibility for everyones sake. There are those out there who love his product and those who are less than enchanted. At this point in time for those who are interested let me know what you want and I might be able to get it for you but there are no guarantees. He has essentially dissapeared but will make orders now and then for those interested. He is more than capable of making an entire camera himself and is also lucky to have Marie there to help as well with the bellows/lacquering/etc. Money I would think is not the motivating factor here so those who order will have to wait and if the camera does not arrive on time will receive a refund.
One more thing...please get your ULF filmholders from one of the major companies extant. This should be obvious to anyone in the ULF field. As far as the 20x24 camera specs...Ron does not want to make these anymore because of Polaroid's bankruptcy issues and general instability.
There are many companies out there now, here and abroad that will be happy to make a ULF camera for you. Probably faster than Wisner. For those that need a Wisner or rear gearing etc. He might make one for you. For those that can't wait...you know where to go...
Happy Holidays.