As the title suggests, I keep getting "random" fine scratches on some of my negatives. 35mm film, Nikon FM2n. They do not occur all of the time, but enough to bother me. They run lengthwise along the base side of the film, which means that something is touching the film across its length. It seems that this can come from roughly three areas: the camera itself (pressure plate, in particular), the film cannister, or my handling of the film. I never touch the film anywhere other than the edges and am very careful when winding onto my reel, so I don't think it comes from my handling. I also do not se any scratching of the base layer when I pull the leader out of the cannister, so this seems unlikely. The pressure plate in the camera seems most likely. The plate is immaculate and does not have any rough edges, as are all the internal parts of the body. So, given that it is clean inside, is there anything to cure pressure plate scratches? Of course any other diagnoses would be appreciated.