I shot some expired, but refrigerated 120 Tri-x recently. Before processing, I pulled the latest Kodak data from the website and noticed that the development times are vastly different from the last time I developed any Tri-X!!! .

I know that the film is now different. What I am not sure of, is if the film I shot is the new stuff. I left the boxes in the trash (in Germany) and only have the exposed rolls. I am "almost" certain that it is the old Tri-x, but are there any identifiers that I can use to tell for sure?

My default is to use D-76 at 1:1, since those times have changed only slightly. I was planning on using HC 110, but the times are really different!

The Tmax developer is the same (at least at 68 degress), but I've never used it on Tri-x. All comments appreciated.