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Not sure what your time line is but we (S&S) just made a batch of 30+ holders in 12X20 size and could deliver to your door in 2-3 weeks. You can order directly from S&S (me) , or through QCC in Atlanta, or through Richard Ritter for his cameras or modifications.

Sandy King
I am very interested in your offer, but here is the problem. I presently have four 12x20 holders that are made to Wisner's specs which are slightly different than your holder specs. If I am not mistaken, Richard Ritter would have to modify my back to accept your holders which would obsolete the holders I already have. If you or Richard have a solution for this I would love to work something out. Or if someone else shooting with a Wisner 12x20 wanted to acquire my holders I could make the switch to yours. Sandy, I have seen your holders and they are beautiful!