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You say potato I say Potatoe

10' under a running tap .
The problem could easily be with your wash water or with your fixing and washing procedure (as others suggest later in this thread).

The Lavaquick MSDS lists the Lavaquick main ingredients as:

Potassium Sulfite
Potassium Carbonate
(EDTA) Ethylene Diamine tetraacetic acid, tetra sodium salt (a chelating - water conditioning agent)

In other words, Lavaquick is a garden variety wash aid. It should not stain your prints unless it (or your water) is contaminated with a staining agent.

Try fixing your prints in 2 baths of fresh fixer followed by washing in several complete water changes - forget the Lavaquick.

If your prints are still stained or fogged - check the paper for fogging and your developer for contamination.