I've seen various Apuggers in thier regions plan get togethers, do them, had a few meets here, and I'm thinking.
This has a framework very similar to the caving organization I was a member of for so many years, the National Speleological Society. They served as a focal point and resource center for cavers worldwide, while on a local level cavers organized themselves into "Grottoes" in which they set thier own meeting times, activities, rules, dues or lack thereof, and gathering places. Membership in the NSS was a prerequesite for voting membership and thier common bond, but other than that they ran thier own ship.
I can envision APUG eventually having official local chapters with regular meets, leadership, activities, etc., and all owing allegience to APUG for bringing it all together. And APUG Conferences being hosted by local chapters every so many years, an example being NSS Conventions every four years being hosted in a different place every time.
Keep this in mind as APUG grows, eventually it may be big enough for this to happen. Wouldn't it be fun?