Velvia (travel, landscapes), great for enhanced color
Provia 400F (travel) Cibachroming...
Provia 100F (commercial, product, architectural) good grain, great Ciba's
Fuji NPC (general, portrait) higher contrast without nuking color
Fuji NPS (weddings, portrait) neutral'er, better for the "not so perfect" subject
Fuji NPZ (weddings, travel) great grain!


Ilford FP-4 (portrait, model) handles skin tones excellently
Ilford PanF (portrait, architectural, commercial/industrial) smooth palette...
Ilford HP5 (travel, weddings)...
Polaroid 665 (based on Pantatomic-X, portrait work, architectural) something about Pan_X that has a great quality...

All B&W processed in Ilfotec-DD-X or Rodinal. All color processed in appropriate process on a Jobo Autolab (or by wedding lab in case of wedding). Cibachroming on Ilford CAP-40 processor.

Prints on Ilford Portfolio or FB paper, Ra-4 on Kodak Supra/Portra Endura papers, Ciba on CPS.1K paper.

Kodak films suck. VC=very crappy, UC is better, but I personally like Cibachromes off of Provia 100F better.