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The Lavaquick MSDS lists the Lavaquick main ingredients as:
Potassium Sulfite
Potassium Carbonate;
Potassium takes it out of a lot of gardens. It MAY
be the problem. Although B. Troop has overstated
the miss-match twixt potassium and fixer another
authority on the subject warns of the mis-match.
Although not spelled out, some and likely most
salts of the silver thiosulfate complex are
little to entirely insoluble.

To reduce the interaction twixt the fix and hca
the print should receive a thorough rinse prior
to the hca bath.

BTW, that is the reason I recommend a distilled
water rinse for film immediately following the
fixer. By so doing suspect tap water will
not be forming precipitates within
the emulsion. Dan