I have 2402. You should be able to find Kodak datasheet online for 2403.

I think yours might be 0.004" or 0.0025" thickness. Sheet is typ 0.007-0.010 depending on size and what kind of film, so you may have flatness issues (unless you're shooting pinhole).

The film speed is another issue. They rate it for ISO-A (A being aerial). The spectrum is alot different looking from the sky than terrestrially.

I was told by someone at Kodak_Aerial to multiply the Aerial ISO by 2.5 for terrestrial for a very approximate estimate but everyone I know uses 2402 at 80-100 instead of 500, so I think the person gave me wrong info or I musunderstood (I don't think so, but it's possible).

I have run into people who really like the extended red aerial films for portraiture, but they were using 70 mm in a proper back.

You can use 'regular' developer as opposed to the high temp high speed stuff that you'll find on the datasheet, but this plus the film speed question suggest you should find your own ISO and development characteristics.

I have not used my 2402 yet but send some to two different people to try for me. One shot one image in a superwide pinhole cam and with the drastic falloff it was hard to tell much, and the other guy never got back to me.