Thanks for the suggestions.
Last night or was this morning (2am) i made a rig to cut the film.
It consists of a rotary cutter (fiskars) and a speed easel to act as a stop. I took some 11x14 sheets of color enlarging paper
and taped it down on the bed of the cutter. I hope it will cut down on any scratching.
I got some 4x5 sheets out of it. Its so thin that it took me almost 2 minutes to load 2 of them into the holders.
My plan is to shoot some today and see where it takes me. I will go for a 25, 50, 100, 200, 320 approach and see if i come close.
Then its a red filter and the whole magillah all over.

When the weather is warmer here, i will cut some down for the 12x20 and make a sabot for the holder.
The lab i use for my e-6 and c-41 has 12x20 racks for there B&W D&D. Xtol only. Hopefully they can fit this film into them.
I dont have any trays large enough to fit 9.5x20. Also my darkroom is only really dark after midnight.

Thanks again!