Timely thread for me at least. A couple of months ago I finished the last of my "old" Tri-X Pan (TX 5063 if I recall the film edge correctly) in 35mm. About an hour ago I printed a 5063 first/test print of a laughing boy under the impossibly luminous "cloudy bright" conditions unique to New England in early winter. The tonality is just about enough to make one weep.

Can folks give me their take on the proposed replacements for Tri-X Pan? Of particular interest to me are those Winogrand highlights. Do films such as Ilford FP4, new Tri-X and who knows what else (Efke, Forte, etc) provide such breathtaking highlight range and gradation? To date I have been using Tri-X Pan and D-76 1:1. I feel something like a sense of grief over the loss of the TXP, but I am hoping that my worry is unfounded.