I have had 60 students use the new Tri-X and the first 20 switched to the new times as the basis for their Zone System testing. It was a disaster. We switched back to the old times and everything was much better. I am not sure what Kodak has done here but I haven't found any of the new times to be even close. The only thing I can suggest is retest to find a speed point and calculate new times from there.

I just ordered 10 rolls of Efke 120 from J and C and I will post results after I have had time to test it. I have heard good things about it but one never knows. A Tzech photographer I used to know swore by one of the European films but I will have to go back in to some ancient magazine files to find out which one it was.

Found it. The film was called Orwo. He loved the highlights he got with it, for what it's worth.