I just tried to clear the original film leader (not been processed) and it is having none of it. It is completely impervious to the fix! I tried another leader in addition to the HP5 plus of yesterday, (delta 100 this time) and it has cleared fine. I can only conclude that this is a film fault. The only thing that could have have happened to the film is that it could have been somehow fogged. If this was the case, it would still clear in fix, leaving a bullet proof layer of silver. This stuff looks alsmost unprocessed. There are some patches around the edges of the film where it is more transluscent as if there is a patchiness to the tiny amount of clearing that has enabled me to at least see that there is a developed silver image withing the emulsion. It does not appear to be silver density that is casuing this opacity as it would not enable me to see a that teh silver image within has shadows, highlights etc as you would expect. I said after the some Fp4 plus sheet film had deep gouges/scratches (after seeing the processed images I looked at the unprocessed film and it was the same) and ilford did not respod to my letter and sample that I would not use their products again. I am going full time professional an absolutely cannot afford for this sort of rubbish to happen. Expiry of film was 2006 by the way and it has been stored ina fridge in its sealed container. One cannot ever be 100% sure that something weird has not happened to the film inside camera or film tank, but I cannot see that this is anything other than a films fault

It is worth noting that I have not once had problems with supposedly dodgy Eastern European film or paper......Efke.....Forte etc