The new Orwo films are rebranded Ilford films. I don't believe that Orwo is actually manufacturing film currently. Orwo was the East German half of Agfa.

New J&C Classic 400 (or ClassicPan 400 from has some of that old Tri-X Pan (320) character--good density range, long toe, traditional grain structure. I've been shooting both lately in sheet sizes, until my old TXT runs out. I think TXT might look a bit sharper, and TXT is certainly more scratch resistant for tray processing, but visually, I can't say that I like one more than the other. CP400 has the attraction of being the same emulsion in all formats. I've posted a few CP400/ABC pyro (5x7" and 6x9cm) and one TXT/PMK shot (4x5") in the Standard Gallery--