Neither, I hate bulbs and I hate cables. I use the IR remote for my camera to trigger for time, self-portraits, and studio shooting. I also use a PocketWizard, connected to the remote port on my Hassy's Winder CW, for long distance triggering (balcony's of churches during weddings, painting with light at night, etc.)

In studio, I have the PW firing my strobes and the IR around my wrist for triggering. It's so nice to not have any wires or cables!

Now, using a solenoid and Linhof cable, with a cheap Radio Sh*t project box, Bogen super clamp, and hot melt glue, I can attach the PW to fire LF shutters! (PW triggers the solenoid w/ 2 9-V batteries, solenoid is mounted to pull a 'U' shaped piece of metal, opposite end of 'U' pushes the cable release for me!

Hot melt glue & duct tape holds it together and the Bogen SC holds it to my tripod...