An important factor is what format you are shooting, not to mention what film you are using. I've contact printed a couple of Pyrocat-HD negs (not my own negs) in 8x10" and 5x7", and they look great, but I'm not sure I'd like the results if I were enlarging them on a condensor enlarger from 35mm. I think the biggest attraction of Pyrocat-HD is the versatility of the negative. I took a dense HP5+/Pyrocat-HD negative made by another photographer targeted for pt/pd, and it printed beautifully on Azo and even scanned well on my old Agfa Duoscan, which doesn't usually tolerate dense negs.

Since I switched to cold light for all formats that I enlarge, and because I don't make very big prints usually, I've found I like ABC pyro with Tri-X and J&C Classic 400 down to around 6x7 or 6x9, but PMK does a better job of masking grain, so with smaller formats, I lean toward PMK.

Most of these formulas use at least a few of the same components, so your best bet is probably to figure out the developers you would like to try, acquire the components for all of them (instead of purchasing pre-weighed kits), make some small batches and compare the results.