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Just for those that are curious, here is what I came up with.

Start with the hard developer first. I used dektol. It needs to be strong 1:1 and 1:2 produced identical results. 1:5 did not produce full blacks.

Aim to be in the hard developer (dektol) for 5-10 seconds. You want to have moved to the soft developer (Selectol Soft) before the first blacks appear. I still saw full blacks at 5 seconds with dektol 1:1. The longer you stay in the hard developer the greater the effect it has on the midtones.

The second developer needs to be very dilute. Selectol Soft is normally mixed 1:1. I saw the best results at 1:9. I am going to experiment with even more dilute solutions next.

Expect longer overall developing times. My normal time is 2-3 minutes; however, with the really dilute (1:9) soft developer I would suggest starting with 5 minutes.
I think you're on the right tack DrPhil. I have found times for dilute Selectrol Soft (1:9) as long as 30 minutes. Additionally, the 'hard' developer is much less likely to compromise the soft developer by allowing time in a water bath prior to let it neutralize/exhaust; a good minute seems to work and account for that minute when you determine your total development. It is an important step. Also, the dilute soft developer does not have the tray life you might think it does.