I think I know them all....

teaching gives you great stories.

one: a student had to roll up a film on the reel, and the black room was in the darkroom (a room in a room). after a while I thought I had to check on him, and ther he was: standing in the middle of the dark room with his eyes closed, trying to do the thing.....

on the other hand, I have also experienced un-explanable things...

explain this: a summer course - we went very early to the beach side at took some pictures.
one of the students had brought his own film to the course, and as the film was slightly different than the ones we used, he asked for directions on how to develop his film (it was a normal t-max film - we used Tri-x)
I showed him the developer etc..

I also kept an eye our for him, and didn't notice anything wrong.

BUT; when the film was ready to dry, it showed the most beautiful - yet strange film I have ever seen!!

it came out as a slightly solarized - toned(dark areas was brown - highlights was blue!!) POSITIVE!!!

it is about ten years ago, and I have still no idea what happened!
but I'd like to know, as the result was truely amazing!