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Is it possible to obtain some photographs of the P3? Any manuals etc for the the P3 would also be of great interest! It seems that Kodak factories around the world are being destroyed at a rapid pace and all this information will be destroyed with them. (I have heard of Kodak plants in Australia, Canada and the US that are now demolished).

Is there a Kodak PR or Archives manager that might be helpful in preserving this technology?

AAMOF, the P3 machine looked (<- note past tense) much like what we see depicted here, but it was wider and had a front end bombardment setup for electrostatic bombardment of film and paper. It also had a takeup roller instead of a continuous loop.

There were other differences such as it having a different drying (hot) cabinet, but I'm not sure of the details now.

I only used this for prebombardment of support and my friends only used it for making single layer coatings for tests, so it is quite hazy in my mind. The only thing that stands out is the arched chill cabinet which was a design feature of the P3.

George Eastman House and RIT both have coating machines that are currently not on display but rather in storage.