Ah...there was the time I was developing my first print of the session...gee...weird no image is appearing...then I remembered I had stored the bottles full of water-not chemicals

developing prints with water doesn't work...


then once I opened the developing tank right under a lightbulb right after I finished loading it with film...I closed the top really fast then processed the film...top 35mm roll completely black...bottom roll black, but you could sortta tell there had once been an image there


I once took a disposable panoramic camera & removed the mask over the film that makes it "panoramic"...it was just a nice full-frame wide angle camera now...I thought it was a clever trick...except when I developed the film in my old plastic "twirl-to-agitate" tank, I hadn't noticed that I didn't have enough developer...so only half the roll got developed--and it looked as if the camera was still in "panoramic" format