There have been a couple of questions off-list that I will address here in the public area along with the other questions.

By the looks of things, many here may not be familiar with the workings of my image hosting site. I link to the image pages rather than the images themselves, which means you can get larger images by clicking on the little magnifying glass above the image and choosing the image size you want. This allows finer details (if any) to be read.

On my next visit, I shall attempt to document the emulsion manufacturing technique and equipment involved. While the builder has a top quality lab built for the task, with all the flasks and glass tubes and stuff, he is building special reaction chambers that sounds like it would be of interest to many of the posters and lurkers here. I'll put it in a new thread obviously.

I am not sure the bubble-trap and filter have actually been used yet. As for the bubble-trap, it is a simple chamber - emulsion/bubbles flow in, bubbles rise in the chamber, emulsion flows out. The screw in the top allows release of the air if too much accumulates. I'll make the assumption that they would go between the pump and the coating head, but shall get confirmation on that.

Finally, I wish to take this moment to thank Photo Engineer for filling in the details that I do not know. He is definately an asset to this forum.

PS. Did nobody notice the Kodachrome statement I made earlier?