I am blown away by the realization that a coating machine such as this has been built and can be made by others. Just the small details revealed in the photos and discussed have answered some questions before they were asked. Things like the Zenith pump (http://www.zenithpumps.com/products/bpb.htm), and the inline filters and traps, for starters. If you go to the larger original sizes of the photographs on Flickr, you can see some of the paths the film base takes through the machine. I am sure as more details emerge and are discussed, this will open up new possibilities that were only talked about not too long ago.

I am itching to see photos of the emulsion preparation equipment and reaction vessels.

Can you imagine a bunch (a whole bunch?) of these machines being built, and configured for film and / or paper? Even attempting color film? How about IR film, or experiments to recreate Tech Pan? The list seems almost endless.

I have located a source of bulk triacetate 120 (and other sizes) film base in NYC, but they have yet to get back to me as far as their minimum order requirements.

I wonder if you can use the same machine to coat and prepare roll film backing paper? The patents describe in good detail how the backing paper was made, and the what and why of the coated layers.

Bob M.