I've been spending the weekend shooting with my new Bronica system and planning on what new goodies to get next.

Within hours of getting the system on Friday, I picked up a waist level finder at Fishkin Brothers in Perth Amboy, and a Polaroid back via eBay. I really prefer the waist level to an eye level when shooting headshots. I did learn one important lesson early on, NEVER trust O.P.B. - Other Peoples Batteries! Whereas the SQ-Ai won't do squat when the batteries are dead, I learned the hard way thet the SQ-A WILL fire the shutter with a dead battery, but ONLY at 1/500th sec. Oh well, at least it was only part of one roll of film! :-)

A question for the other SQ series users out there - Is anyone using the 40mm wide angle lens? If so, what is your opinion? I really like the 50mm, but I'm thinking that the extra few degrees might be very useful.

Anyway, I figure I'll need at least 2 or 3 more 120 backs in the not-too-distant future.