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All right, I'll describe trivial in testing first.

Carbonate test, add sulfuric acid to a measured amount of borate solution and if it fizzes it fails the test but if it does not, it passes. That is my definition of a trivial and rather useless test, chemically.

Trivial in content now. Halides and heavy metals are critical in some applications and these are not addressed fully, just a few as seen from your post. As far as solids are concerned, a visual inspection is all they ask for. This is trivial both chemically and in content or intent for the purpose at hand, which is photography.

Does that mean that you have in fact tested "the best" by those more stringent tests, or that you just don't trust the Photographic & Imaging Manufacturers Association, Inc. to know what is suffucient for film processing? You must have, at some time, tested 20 Mule Team Borax and "The Best" if you are so sure about the differences in purity.