Even a blind pig will find an acorn once in a while.

Anyone can just hold down the shutter on any camera, take a gazillion pictures and get one or two keepers.

Few can say "this will be good", take one or two pictures and have them stick.

This is why I am a bit shocked by the H1. 'Blad for decades has subscribed to the philosophy that pictures are crafted, not simply "taken". People don't buy 'Blads because they have "Super-Quasi-3DSuper Matrix metering" or "Hyperfocus AF". They buy them because they last and they have great optics. They are cameras for people who know how to take pictures.

The H1 seems to be a departure here. Very much a "gee-whiz" camera. Hype over quality. While I am sure it is a good camera, it seems to me to be more about the hype surrounding it than about taking really good pictures.