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Unfortunately we haven't seen or heard from gbroadbridge since May. Hope he's OK. That said, we need someone to organize this place, put up stickies and schedules, and manage all the cameras traveling about. I have a few suggestions:
K_Jupiter aka Tim
Sanjay Sen
Others? FilmSprocket?
You guys want the job? You'll have to be in it for the long haul though - we're talking years. Hmmm ... maybe we should take a vote .... dunno really.
Regards, Art (I'm not going to do it, so don't ask ... )
I think that Tim is doing a great job with 'Let's Shoot 1 Camera-Part 5'. Maybe he can continue on with this section of the APUG. Art would also be (and has been) great at this but he's a busy dude and he already indicated his decision.

For the record, I just want to be a member and not run anything for now. I recently ended my camera club life of about 12 years, 2 of which were as a VP and 6 as prez. I don't know how many of those years also included being the program director. At least for the clubs I was a member of, digital folks made camera club life a real pain in the ass starting around 2001/2002. Presently, APUG is my only photo group and I'm enjoying the freedom of not running something. Perhaps I'll be fully recovered in the near future and, then, be more willing to help out for things like this.

Hope that's not too much information, but I just had to let a little of that out. Sorry.

Also, I apologize for my "Pressed Chicken" recipe in part 4 or 5.