The references I give are real. My Mees and James is the third edition and the paragraph is under "Thiosulfate Cation", but since you failed chemistry you may not know that Cation means positive ion including Cacium and Potassium.. Mees and James is not as good as Haist, which I helped edit.

I'm sorry, but I'm tired arguing this with someone who failed chemistry and now I see why. Please forgive me, but this is just exhausting to me. Neither I nor Kirk nor others can make you see your errors.

I'm not saying that potassium is present in large quantities in Borax. I'm saying that if it is it is a problem and should be in the ANSI standard or ISO standard for photograde Borax.

Your argument of chemistry with chemists, particulary photo chemists is misleading everyone, including yourself, and it is best you stop now.

I will not argue against your experience with NASA, but you insist on arguing against my experience and others in the field of chemistry which you admittedly failed. You cannot even find the reference in a textbook.

Forgive me, but this is true.