Bob, pay attention to the exercise I set for you. The world has changed since I was young, also since you were young, and not always for the better. Closeup work with flash out-of-doors really does need ISO 25 film.

BTW, when I started shooting flowers and such I used a little Kalt bracket that attached to my camera's tripod socket. It held two little flashes, each about 6" from the lens' axis and at a 45 degree angle to it. I used it with tiny Honeywell flashes that died after around 1k pops. Worked very well with my 55/3.5 MicroNikkor and my Nikkormat and Kodachrome 25. Nowadays I use Minolta 14s and 20s, which last forever.

You can make a version of the Kalt bracket out of a piece of scrap plexi (or angle molding as sold by most lumberyards), two flash shoes (hard to find cheap since camera shows have died, I think Henry's will have them), two very small flashes, and a slave. With the flash-to-subject distances these rigs work at, very little flash power is needed. IMO a ring flash is very much second best.

Since you're a beginner -- your avatar should have been a tipoff -- do yourself a favor and buy a copy of A. A. Blaker's book Field Photography.