I don't even remember how this got into a pissing match. All I wanted was some clear idea why 20 Mule Team Borax was not as good as so-called photo grade for my purposes and those I propose. I could get no specs for whatever grade you use for allowable soluble impurities. I could find lots of guaranteed specs for sodium tetraborate pent- and decahydrate, but never got an answer as to which one you would accept for practical use in developers. I have never proposed a formula for a fixer. I have never proposed a developer formula that I have not used myself. Until recently, I never used significant quantities of borax that I told anyone about.

I do not understand why I am accused of confusing others and am told to keep my nose out. You are the one telling others that 20 Mule Team Borax has impurities that keep it from being properly used for developers without telling them what to use in its place except to get it from a photochemical dealer, also unspecified, who might in fact be repackaging the same produce you get in the grocery store.

When I proposed a way to reduce soluble impurities by a factor of 16 or more you had a lot of "Yes, but"s. I think that AR grade is an unnecessary cost for most of us, and that for most of us who might want a small amount of more pure borax, the differential solubility method will work quite well. As I said, I did quite well in the Chemical Engineering Lab course. I was simply unable to handle courtship, being principal oboist for the University-Community Orchestra, and a 21 credit hour course load including the seond semesters of both Physical and Organic Chemistry lecture and lab courses all at once. I was not the first, nor the last to have that happen. I could have repeated Organic chemistry but chose instead to change to Aeronautical Engineering. If that makes me an idiot, then at least I am a well educated idiot.