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We have here now about 20 responses out of 20,000+ members. The thread on system engineering would take considerable work (but being in progress in part for the book anyhow). But, with only a 0.1 % response, this is similar to the disinterest shown on PN. I appreciate the enthusiasm of those who responded but I wonder about the viability of such a thread or sub forum.

I want to remind all, that in my own words elsewhere, you can throw a log across a stream to get to the other side, but that does not mean that you are an engineer. What I intend to offer is the difference between those two positions. Books like Wall and Baker offer no clue as to the science of photo systems. They were throwing logs back then.

I'd be willing to bet that if more people knew about the proposed tutorials, they would respond positively. Also, there are probably many more who lurk and are interested, but choose not to respond for one reason or another.

If there was a way for Sean to put up some sort of notice at the home page of APUG informing users about the tutorials, you might get a better idea about the interest level.

Besides, the announcement was made at the height of the holiday season, so maybe there were coincidentally less folks checking in to the forum / threads.

Bob M.