You asked why I thought that the standard you published for Borax was trivial and useless for photo products. I pointed to the fact that it had no standard for presence of potassium salts and was therefore unsuitlable for application to fixers.

You questioned the authority on fixers and indeed the use in fixers, or in fact, any problem with the use of potassium alum in fixers.

So, I iterated the problems and gave the literature references which you also questioned. Then, I posted the data from the reference itself.

So, by line chapter and verse, I have tried to point out the error in the poor standard you posted, and you replied with what was essentially "yes, but" or "I can't find a reference".

So, that is how this took place. I questioned the standard and stated my reasons for both developers and even more importantly for fixers. You refused to accept my answers as being either factual or correct, and so I gave instances to prove my case.