I'm willing to wait. That is one reason for the post, to raise it back into view. See the number of 'holiday hits' for other threads though. Then compare it to this thread.

The point is that someone wanting to build a coating machine or make an emulsion will need the information I plan on raising. So, it is useless to think you can do something "throwing a log across a stream" when you cannot "build a bridge". See the hits on the coating machine thread. Lots of interest. I wish I could build one but it takes $$$ which I don't have to spend. I'm very happy someone was able to build it and show it. But without more information it will be a useless stand alone experiment.

I would say that if you were to build an exact replica of that machine, you would not be able to coat anything worth-while without lots of experimentation or someone like the original builder to impart that knowledge.

My goal is to start imparting that type of knowledge and also to hopefully get this individual to share his with us as well as get others invovled in a dialog. Otherwise it will be lost forever.