Bob, swearing is good for the soul even though it annoys wives.

There's nothing inherently wrong with your Konica set up. Konica ARs are good cameras and your macro lens has a good reputation even though it isn't a Hexanon. In my experience, working with a bellows in the field is a pain (tripod required). A macro lens that will go to 1:1 on its own mount is enough for most purposes.

If you do the effective aperture calculations, you'll find that at 1:1 f/8 set is effective f/16. With ISO 100 film, Sunny 16 wants your T3's sync speed. So there's no point using flash in broad daylight with fast film. I've dodged the problem a little by using my N8008S at 1/250, and that often works ok with ISO 100 film at f/11 set (at least two stops down with ambient, but effective f/22) in shade. I often shoot at f/22 set, f/45 effective; that's stopped down too far for acceptable image quality in the plane of best focus, never mind about out of it.

Now that I know that you have a 55, I know that you don't want a MacroDapter. My wife's dowry included a 55/3.5 MicroNikkor so after we married we tried the MacroDapter I'd been using on it. It put the flashes behind the subject at 1:1. Oops! Not a problem with focal lengths >= ~ 100 mm. So I dug out a Jones bracket and gave it to her. But these things are very hard to find. I asked the company that bought Jones about 'em; they told me that Mr. Jones had made very few and that they didn't plan to make more.

So study Blaker, do your GN arithmetic and cobble up a bracket that will attach to your camera's tripod socket. And curse EKCo for discontinuing KM.