There is a relatively new paper out distributed through Freestyle. The Slavich line has some interesting WT chlorobromide graded paper that is supposed to look and behave like papers of the 70's. It has high silver content and a silky eggshell finish, not unlike portriga. I have ordered some as the price is unbelieveable from Freestyle. $15 and change for a 25 sheet 8x10 pack. It's called Bromoportrait 80. It's also Double weight unlike the colder tone and unibrom variants that are single weight.

There has been a few threads on Slavich paper and apparently it is a sleeper paper, but the reputation is slowly getting out. It could well be the best deal out there. Reports say it bahaves similar to Forte's older polywarmtone. (Which is a positive step!)

I am going to try some with lith when my package arrives next week.